Cannot rename a record if old value is blank

Attain US 3.01B. Here’s something that looks like a bug to me: I have a new table. Field1 and field2 define the primary key. If I insert a new record without enterring a value in field2, save the record and then try to enter a value in field2 I get the following error: “You cannot rename a record because the old value of the field below is ‘’…” In other words all the key fields have to be nonblank or else they’ll be blank for good. Any insight on this? Thanks, Carmen

Furthermore to this topic. If you set the NotBlank=yes property for field1 and field2 and create a card for the table, then you can never insert a record in this table. As soon as you enter a value in field1, is giving you the message that field2 cannot be blank and the form closes. Naughty, naughty… Carmen

I just realized that although my Client is Attain US 3.01B, I was using an older database, from 3.01A Beta2. The above problems are fixed in 3.01B. Happy posting, Carmen Edited by - Carmen Stanciulescu on 2002 Feb 10 04:58:09