Cannot print Purchase Invoice

We have changed the server version of Financials 2.60.B to 2.60.F on the server and the clients are still 2.60.B. Since we have change the server version, we cannot print the Purchase Invoices. If we do a Post & Print in the PO or try to print a Posted Invoice, we get get the following message, “You do not have permission to run the ‘Purchase Invoice’ Report.” I’m the system administrator with the “ALL” and “SUPER” roles and I also get the message. I’ven tried with the 2.60.F client and I still get the message. Does anyone know what can be the problem? Thanks,

we have had this a few times - support will need to change the permissions on the report i think.

HI, I think its a license problem…Try this in ur previous version of Client/server environment.

It was indeed our license that had to be modified. Thanks!