Cannot Post Purchase Order in AX 2012


I have a problem in posting PO in AX2012. I don’t have any workflow activated but when I create a PO, it only saves as “Draft”, and the buttons Purchase Order & Confirm are disabled.

What might be the problem?




Have you checked your user rights? Also, is the problem same with other user login also?


Does the change management is activated in the procurement and sourcing parameters?

Hi Bella,

Draft status come in Purchase Order only when you have the change management parameter activated. Go to Procurement and sourcing parameters > General pane > Uncheck the Activate change management parameter.

Now raise a PO and you will find the status as approved with the PO and Confirm buttons enabled.



Sorry for the late reply… I unchecked Activate Change Management and now I can post the PO… Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

You might want to check you SHOULD do that - you have no deactivated workflow for the module - if it was not required why was it configured? Use the override per vendor if you need it for some - turning it off completely is surely not the right answer if it was on in the first place!

Hi Benerjee,

it;s working with your scenario but i create a PO with Active management true then it went to draft i went to parameters and un checked that active management.still it is draft only . because in PurchTable ChangeRequestRequired field has been change the document staste Draft to Approved