cannot post payment journal

hi all…

i have created payment hjournal…

type vendor… and then i key in the amount

after that i select the document to apply

when i want to post… it prompt me “vendor ledger entry no ****** positive must be no”

how to fix this ?

Can you provide more detail like,

What is the Doc Type, Bal Acc Type, Application to payment or invoice or credit memo

or may be you can just share the screen shot.

At last found the error scenario.

In my case if i try to apply the payment document in lines then system is giving me error but if you apply by using function → apply entries then there is no error and the entry is posted without any application.

It seems like a Bug.

Hi stan,

two possible reasons:

  1. your payment is negative. I doubt this…

  2. you apply to a document no. which is there more than once, and one of the entries is with a “wrong” sign. To resolve this you need to either pre-apply the vendor entries as far as possible, or use the apply-to ID function of the payment journal.

with best regards


Why don’t you put a break point on the error and check the document which are being checked.

You can find the code in codeunit 12 under comment (// Find the entry to be applied to)

and check the code OldCustLedgEntry.TESTFIELD(Positive,NOT NewCVLedgEntryBuf.Positive);

Here you can find amount also to check as jglathe suggested.

doc type is payment for vendor

i dont have the screen shot because this is customer database

but i often experienced this issue

Hi Jens

  1. the amount is positive (payment for vendor)

  2. hmmm i also think this one is the problem. do you know how to check, which one is double

Well to what i know if you are not using no. series then there can be chances of same document no. getting posted twice.