"Cannot perform Value paging" - error

Hi all,

When I try to open a prod order from the “production order” form it gives this error -

“Cannot perform Value Paging - The Table doesn’t have any Primary Key or Clustered Index specified on it”.

So I tried looking through all the underlying tables for this form, (InventDim, Prodtable and ProdtableProj)… All of them seem to be having their Primary and Clustered Indexes (or atleast either one). And yet this error persists.

Am I missing something, or is there something else that I need to do and verify?

This is in AX2009 BTW.

Can you show us the call stack?

So when i try to debug the code, it shows this error at


Does this help?

Not really, it doesn’t look at the complete call stack. Can’t you see what calls task()? Or at least use the debugger to isolate the place.

Also, do you have any customizations in the form? Are you able to reproduce the problem in other environments?