Cannot invoice package to be shipped

I am trying to ship out a package through E-Ship and FedEx using a FedEx collect account. I have used it in the passed, but when I try to pack the shipment is gives the following error:

“You must specify FedEx Shipping Agent Acct. No. in Packing Station Code = ‘FF’.”

We have been able to do this before without a problem, just not now. We have the customers FedEx collect number but it just won’t let us package it and ship it to invoice. Any help would be greatly apprecated. Thanks.


Why not go to Shipping & receiving->Setup->Packing station and fill in the Fedex #?

If you are trying to ship using somone elses number you probably have to find the 3rd Party Billing option. We do this for UPS, I’m sure it would be similar for FedEx.

I wish it was that easy. I looked into earlier and tried the same thing. We have recently purchased the FedEx module but it is not installed yet. We have shipped packages in the past and just had them do FedEx collect and worked with no problems, until now. Any other suggestions would be great. Thanks.

  1. When do you plan on having the FedEx Module Installed? Can you wait?

  2. Your Message is giving your problem - “You must specify FedEx Shipping Agent Acct. No. in Packing Station Code = ‘FF’.”

  3. Is this a “Posted Package” or a “Miscellaneous Package” - Misc Packages that you manually enter all the info into have tons of options with e-ship will probably get you past this problem. But there is no cool way of linking Misc packages to sales orders for later tracking - You can always put a note in the comments of the sales order.

  4. find that old package that worked and try to drill in and see what’s different