Cannot Get Correct Approved Budget Value Due to limitation in Column Type Value in Column Setup (Account Schedule)

Hello, Sirs/ Madams

There are a number of projects in my company. The Life time of all the project vary and so due to some project i can not close the fiscal year in ACCOUNTING PERIOD setup. But by doing so, when i select “Beginning Balance” in Column Type in Column Setup, it generates the total form the beginning year. So when i run ACCOUNT SCHEDULE Report i don’t get the exact value for APPROVED BUDGET. So can you Suggest the Possible Solution without closing the Fiscal year.

This is My first Post so Hope, you’ll Get what i am trying to Convey.


Rabin [:)]

Hi Rabin,

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Account Schedules are one of the best functions of Dynamics NAV, but at the same time then it’s also one of the functions that many consultants don’t now enough about. Typically that’s both because the account schedules often easily becomes very complex and user specific (it only works for a specific chart of accounts), but also because the consultants typically don’t understand enough about “real accounting” [;)]

Most of the time, debugging an account schedule requires that you sit down and goes over the account schedule line by line, column by column, until you find the lines causing the errors.

So in order for us to help you here on the user group, then you SHOULD NOT post the whole account schedule, but only a simplified and generalized version of it.

Which is also the same way you can use to debug it. Try a copy of the account schedule where you test each line and each column as you build it.