Cannot Find Server problem Error!!

I am installing Navision 4 W1 SP1 with SQL Server 2005, when i am local on the server i can create the database it works perfect. But when i am on a remote comuter, and trying to connect to the server, i search for the server name, and the system finds it (But doesnt show the Instance Name XXXX) then i put the user name password, when i click on the database look up, it takes acouple mins to process then it gives me a error saying “Server XXXX Cannot be found”.

Does anyone know what I should do ?

SQL provides tools to test connection. Maybe your not connecting to the SQL server it self.

Try to also ping the server IP address to see if you get a response.

Did you check security as well?

Good luck


Following on from Geovanny’s comments, my first stop off point would be to conect to the SQL server through enterprise manager. Normally if I have problems connecting, I connect to the server though enterprise manager, then copy past the connection details into the appropriate fields in Navsion, and that generally works. I just set up a test AD server 2003 with SQL 2005 and can’t seem to connect ot it from XP running workgroups, even Enterprise manager wont connect, so I am not going to bother trying Navision till I get this sorted out.

Hi Guys,

I found the problem, SQL 2005 has a configuration tool where you go to “Surface area cinfiguration for services and connections” click on “DataBase Engine → Remote Connections” and there it was set to local computer only !. I dont know why this was set only to local and i am not sure if this was standard procedure to change it, but it worked after i changed it!

I hope this helps anyone and please if there is any supporting documentaion for SQL2005 and Navsion I would LOVE to have it.

Thanks anyways for all your help guys.

Ziad, thanks for the follow up. It looks like that may be my problem also, so thanks.