Cannot export object as text format

I have a client who is attempting to export a (2.6 form) object to a text file format. The issue is that the “Text” format option has been disabled and thus cannot be selected. I have not been able to duplicate this situation on any other PCs. I am not even sure if this is Navision related or relates to some other Windows function. Any ideas what might be causing this and what the fix is?

First check the permissions for the roles the user is a member of. At least one of them must allow System - File Export Text. Could this user be using a different license file (i.e. one that does not allow exporting objects as text)? Kind regards, Jan Hoek Weha Automatisering BV Woerden - The Netherlands

I believe you must be licensed for the Application Builder granule in order to be able to do text exports of objects (i.e. the middle level development license). Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Dave, you are correct. It was the licensing issue. Thanks for the input.