Cannot End Work Order 19231

Production WO-19231:

calculating BOM consumption:

inventory dimension batch number is inactive and may consequently not be specified.

inventory dimension location is inactive and may consequently not be specified.

thus are the error message occured when i update> end > ok this WO.

where i made the mistakes? how can i resolve this error? kindly help. tq



Have you specified a Batch number on any line in the ProdBOM, or in the RAF journal?

No Adam…

The system thinks you have hence the message :slight_smile: Look at each connected inventory transaction with teh batch number visible, alternatively you need a developer to highlight where this is exactly wrong. In essence you have defined a batch number for an item not batch tracked which is an issue.

The same is true of the item location. Look at the dimension groups of each item being consumed and the parent - some will not have batch and location specified - then check the inventory transactions for items with these set.

Hi Adam,

the batch number is visible. the item also defined to the batch number ,mmm im not able to update this work order :frowning:

the issue status is Deducted…

You need to look at the controls of the items - the dimension groups - you are somehow defining dimensions that the item is not configured to accept. Go to the first component, check the dimension group setup of the item, then compare it to the information defined on the picking journal/prod BOM. You have created conflicts of information in your setup.

Hi Adam,

i still unable to find the solution for this, can you please help me with the steps?

Thx in adv.

Look at every item in the BOM button and the Parent. Note the item dimensions.

Compare these requirements to what you are specifying in the picking list and RAF journals. Manually create the journals at start to see the manual entries if you are auto-backflushing, but do not post at start.

Remove any modifications in this area if you have any?