Cannot eidt a record in Item Table (RetailInventTable)?

Hi, we are getting an error when trying to create a Released Product. {we are able to create Product but not released product}


Production Information Management → Common → Released Product. The following is the error

Cannot edit a record in Item table (RetailInventTable). The record has never been selected.

we probably have the license for Retail but not using it. So I unchecked


Appreciate if someone could point out where could be the issue.

even though we are not using the Retail, should we still need to compile


Try synchronizing RetailInventTable table.

Disabling the retail config should not call the RetialInventTable insert, which can be seen in inventTable.insert() method. Have you done a synchronization after disabling the config keys? If not do it to have the effect. Creating a product will not create a record in inventTable, which will be created only when it gets released.