Cannot edit product information


I cannot edit several fields from the Released products form. I guess it has something to do with related tables, since the problem is ocurring when I try to create a new item as a user. Fields as BOM unit, Batch number group are some of these fields, although there are many others.

Any advice on this matter?

Hi Fernando, you should not have any problem editing those fields after the creation of the new ítem, in the standard functionality those two are editable and I can not remember a field that you cannot edit. There are some of them that you cannot change after the ítem has transactions, but if it was just created there should not be any problem. Unless there are some customizations that you are not aware of.

Hi Héctor,

Yes, It shouldn’t be a problem to work on the item details once it has been released. Nevertheless we don’t why this is happening. Do you know if Retail configuration could affect in some way the product information?

No, Retail shouldn´t avoid you to change information on the ítem.

OK, now we found out the problem was that users were not selecting an Item Model Group, therefore it was not possible to edit fields.

This solves half of the problem, now we need to know why we can’t edit the Shelf advice date field on the Released products form…

Shelf advice days are related with the Tracking dimensión group, if it has no tracking by batch number this fields are not available.

Thanks Héctor

After adding the Item model group and the correct Tracking dimension group to the item, the fields were enabled for edition and the problem was solved.