Cannot edit a record in *buffertable*

i’m trying to push data from another application. So i get this error when i’m selecting expense additionally.
The error is “Cannot edit a record in buffertable. An update conflict occurred due to another user process deleting the record or changing one or more fields in the record at dll paths

Kindly suggest a solution.

I have already tried using table.reread() before updating expense table in General Journal

I have no idea what you mean by “dll paths”. A callstack, maybe?

Nevertheless the message is clear. The data has changed after your read the record from database and before you put your changes back. It may be caused be completely legitimate conflict of two users using the same record. If it happens every time, you have a bug somewhere. Make sure that you don’t use some outdated buffer, your AIF messages have right hashes and so on. It’s difficult to give you any concrete advice, because you tell us little about what you’re doing.