Cannot delete the document reference attachments.

I cannot delete the document reference attachments; I can delete the attachments if I go onto the server; however I cannot through AX (using 5.0)…it is stating that the file is not found. Any ideas?

You mean AX2009? How are you trying to delete it? How did you attach it?. Are you simply deleting the source location on the server, AX thinks it is still there but cannot delete it because it is not there as you have deleted it? It is not really clear what you are doing to be honest, can you give an example someone could replicate?

I have a/any document that has been attached wether it be to a form, etc…when I try and delete this document…i get the message ‘File not found’ Now, if I go out the the AOS and locate the document…I can then delete it.

I am not sure if this could be a permissions issue or not.

So is it 2009?

How is document management configured?

Unfortunately I am not too sure as I did not set up the config…is there a path in which I can find this information out?

Nevermind I found it…In Basic->Setup->Document Management->Document Types; let me see what you are asking.

In Setup; it shows File Location as Original Location (which I need to find out what that means) and Document Removal Options are Document Only.

Hi Rob

With regards to the file location if original location is set then “Documents of this type will be stored in the path that was used when the file was originally attached to the record.”

You will be able to delete the reference to the record from AX document management, but the file itself remains in the original file location - deletion of the reference in AX does not delete the original document. However if you had the deletion set to physical file as well it would probably do this from the description, but not something I have ever tried or set.