Cannot deactivate BOM-AX 2009

We can no longer deactivate a BOM version. Because of this, it stops us from approving and activating new BOM versions.

plz help.


What does it tell you when you try to deactivate it?

The error: An approved BOM cannot be modified :slight_smile:

That message is called when you try to change it, you are trying to deactivate it, if this is the same message I would suggest you have modified it and need a developer to look at it, even wihtout modification the developer could point you to the issue. The deactivation would come from pressing the activation button. In the stock management parameters on the BOM tab there is a prevention of editing with “Block editing” - if you untick this you can change it if it is approved (but I would not recommend this)

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the suggestion. i will respond you if i could resolve it wit your explaination.

Tq very much :slight_smile: