Cannot create TableRelations for TableIDs >50000

Hi all, I have created two tables with IDs 52000 and 52001. One have a primary key defined and the second has a field whose “TableRelations” properties I set to point to the first table. When I run the second one, the assist button is displayed, but pressing it does not open the first table, to whom the second one is related. Also pressing F6 doesn’t function. When I test this propertie to point to G/L Account table (ID 15) everything is going OK. Is any problem to create a Table Relationship between two tables whose IDs are both > 50000? Thank you. Mikel.

Hi Mikel, have you defined the Property “LookupFormID” for your tables?

To do that open the “first table”, go behind the last line and show the properties. There you need to define the LookupFormID as Daniel suggested. OK, one more: You need to have a form created already for displaying that table, preferrably in list view [:D]

Ok, thank you for your solution. Mikel.