cannot create advance image component

hi everyone i m new to naviworld so i m getting problem while i try to see the picture of the image so any one can help me

i m getting cannot create advance image component msg



Hi Tanay,

Welcome to the user group (we would love an introduction post in the intro forum).

I would love to know what version are you talking about ? As far as I know then there is not such as an advanced image component in Navision.

hi thank for ur reply i m using nav 4.0 and when ask my senior he said that i have to use some extra tool for that do u have any idea abt this.

Do you want to display some picture/ image or logo in report or form.? then you have to use picture box / image box from tool.

hi thanks for the reply i want to display my pic in the formand it works fine inthe other system my seniors told me to install some extra component but not wat do u have any idea

Hi Taney,

I’ve never heard of a special extra component. But it might be some extra tool not from Microsoft. But there are many different available, so you need to ask your supervisor/senior which one you should use.

PR: wait… I: wait… L: wait… LD: wait… I: wait… wait… Rank: wait… Traffic: wait… Price: wait… C: wait…

Hi have you checked the following functionality

Go to Menu Administration-> Application Setup->General->Company Information->General Tab

Here you have Picture Button with export Import & delete option.

Try to use this functionality.

Same functionality is in Item card-> Item Button-> Picture

hope it helps you

what extra component you want to install???

thanks for the help and sure i will try to do those thing.

and by the way i dont know which toolkit they talk abt.

anyways thanks fo the reply

Actually Tanay, these are absolutely not SENIORS. They have no right to even call themselves this. No way does a senior simply say “you have to use something else, go find out” I see the word “senior” in this usage as similar to the English word “Mentor”. Seniors need to guide juniors in learning and doing things properly, and leading by example and having the juniors observe them working, not simply to give stupid replies like they have given you.

I would call them sub juniors in fact. [:@]

DAVID…i am 100% agree with you.

ok everyone i will now explain clearly again my problem.

i m using nav 4.0 version. in my sales form i have lots of items out there with pictures.

now as the navision only supports the bmp extention pictures i could not see the images as they all are jpg format images

and it shows meerror message cannot create advance image component so wat should i do to see those images in the form.

please help me out .

Check this out

if it helps you…