Cannot create a record in Locations (LogisticsLocation). Location ID The record already exists.

Hi, can any one suggest me what is the technical issue for the above problem.

Cannot create a record in Locations (LogisticsLocation). Location ID: 000000104, PT.Mustang.
The record already exists


The error says that there already is a LogisticsLocation record in with the same value a unique key. By default, there is just one such a key: Location ID. That would mean that you’re trying to save a record with Location ID 000000104 but 000000104 is already used.

or any suggestion what should i do ?

Try to debug and see why it is inserting with already existing unique key values

Is “Create a location that is not a duplicate” an obvious answer? If it exists why are you trying to create it? Are you manually adding it? Have you verified it does exist? If it exists have you understood why you need to create it again?