Cannot create a record in Ledger (Ledger)


Unable to open Ledger.

Cannot create a record in Ledger (Ledger). Ledger name: X, X.
The record already exists.

Why this happen?


Please refer the following link, it might help you.

If solved your problem, please verify me.

Happy Daxing…

“Basic ----- > Setup ----> Number Sequence ----> Number Sequences------> Number Sequence code----- select Number Sequence code (in my case its was Gene_5) then go to General tab… Under Number Allocation changed NEXT: number as 9953.”

I am using Dynamics AX 2012 R2.
Where is this “Basic”?

Problem solved…I dnnt know how it happend…? When I reopen the ledger…no more error message…Now can view the ledger

Getting the same error message - how do you know which Number Sequence Code to review?

Thank you.