Cannot create a record in BOM Journal transactions

Hello there,

My company is using AX 2009 SP1. At production > Update > Start, I am getting an error message - " Cannot create a record in BOM journal transactions (ProdJournalBOM). Voucher: , today’s date. The record already exists.

At the start, the system is configured to register pick list journal and route journal. The number sequence is configurred correctly. I have noticed this error after we have performed Costing Version calculation under Inventory Management > Periodic > BOM > Costing Version and Calculation and Activation.

I am not sure why it is throwing this error. Any suggestion or help is greatly appreciated.


Have u tried Update → Price Calculation. I am not sure why u r getting this error but u shud not get at least after Cost sheet calc job, reason it has no influence on quantity registration. Just to confirm this, at my end, i did some change in cost sheet for one item where i had done partial registration and i didn’t replicate this error.

I have done that Update > Price Calculation and it did not change the result. Thanks for your comment Kapil. I am expecting to hear from other members from the group if any one has seen this type of error.


  1. Remove any modifications

  2. Try the same setup in a blank database.

Looks to me as though this is either development related or some residual data has been left behind prior to being live in a “blank” database.

This is resolved by refreshing the database. But still do not know the root cause of the error. Thanks everyone for your help and support.

Thanks again!