Cannot create a new table.

Hi, I have installed the trial version of Navision 4.0 available in downloads. I am able to modify the tables, but, I am unable to create a new table. Is there something Iam missing in the license or is it about the permission rights? I am currently logged in as superuser and in standalone mode. It gives me the error while creating saying “You do not have permission to create </table name>. contact system manager if you want to change the permissions”. Thanks and Regards, Priya.

You need granule table designer on your license to create new tables.

Hi, You can modify table 18 and fields 99,990 - 99,999 can be inserted on this table. Forms 21 - 22 can be modified. Form 99,999 can be inserted. Report 101 can be modified and Report 99,999 can be inserted. Best Regards Bjarne

Hi, Thanks for the help. I got the table designer granule in place. But now i am not able to create XML port object. I have XML designer granule in my license. Is there something else that i should look into? I am not able to access any other XMLport objects available there. It displays same error. Thanks and Regards, Priya.

Hi, It’s a trial version and in the trail version you can only do the things that Bjarne already mentioned. From The demonstration version includes the funtionality of Navision with the following restrictions: - You can only enter dates in November, December, January and February. - The size of the database can be a maximum of 100 MB. - You are only allowed to make 4000 write transactions in a database. In addition you can modify the following objects in the Object Designer: - Table 18 can be modified. Fields 99990 - 99999 can be inserted. - Forms 21 - 22 can be modified. Form 99999 can be inserted. - Report 101 can be modified. Report 99999 can be inserted. No XMLport then…

Hi, Yes, you are right. But, now I have the license, which includes the granule XML designer. Is there any other license granule needed for the same? Best Regards, Priya.

Hi Priya Maybe its the ID that you give the object. If you buy the XML Designer Granule you also get a licence for 100 XML objects with an ID in the range 50000 … 50099 You are not allowed to create IDs outside these numbers.

thank you all.

I just know the reason “I have no permission to create table XXX”.

I need to get a license key from microsoft.