cannot connect to database from nav classic 4

i want to run nav and sql server 2008 on my laptop as stand alone

1- i get a copy from the backup from database sql 2008 server

2- i put this copy on the same folder backup file for sql server 2008 on my laptop

3- after that i connect to sql server 2008 and make restore to my database whish i copy ot on backup file

4- after complete restore and ssuccefully i try to connect it from NAV 2009 classic

5- when i go to NAV and from file >database>open

6- then the error is (cannot connect the server sql )

remark (server name = (local)

database name = as)

Welcome to DUG!!!

Are you trying with Sql login or Windows Login ??

First try to connect with Database Login

Instead of local use IP Address of Server.

it answer me so fast with the same error

Are you typing the server name or selecting from the drill down list.

i select it from the down list and also i try to type it but it fail

do you have a SA user account, if yes then try with that.

i still cannot connect , NAV cannot connet to the server name

if you can connect me throuth skype =human_m_29

  1. As what user are you trying to connect to the SQL Server (and does this user exist on the SQL Server?
  2. And next: what users did you setup on SQL Server for this database?