Cannot change Calendar because of existing transactions

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I am trying to change the selected calendar from the value models form of fixed assets. However, AX does not allow me to change it because of the existing transactions. Kindly see below screenshot:


What could be the best way to change the current Calendar setup into new one considering that there are transactions existing that have used the current calendar?

Thanks in advance!

The error is clear, you cannot modify the Calendar on value model if there are any existing transactions for any asset with that value model or any journals with that value model.

Hi Kranthi,

I understand. However, the user wants to select another calendar in the value model setup because the user accidentally selected the wrong calendar, where transactions have been made, and that needs to be corrected. Is there any possible way to cater this?

I don’t see any other option. Mostly the calendar is used for the asset depreciation purpose.
If you have the depreciation transactions then even force updating would cause the inconsistency in the future depreciation runs.

Thank you for this input, Kranthi.
I don’t have any other choice but to update it thru AOT and hope that it will not make severe impact on their depreciation runs.
I will update you if this option works perfectly fine.