cannot call VB.NET dll from Navision

Hi, When a VB.NET dll is called from Navision, it is not able to locate the dll. But if we give a VB dll it is working fine (but not with VB.NET dll). Please suggest. Regards, Vikas

Hi Vikas, It needs to be exposed to COM… i.e. <ComClass(UPS.ClassId, UPS.InterfaceId, UPS.EventsId)> _ Public Class UPS … … … ’ These GUIDs provide the COM identity for this class ’ and its COM interfaces. If you change them, existing ’ clients will no longer be able to access the class. Public Const ClassId As String = “1327389F-CFC1-4XX3-ACF6-F101BCB26FAA” Public Const InterfaceId As String = “4C848507-65XX-4E08-AB4F-3ABD780BFF61” Public Const EventsId As String = “EA6AE992-DF85-4AXX-A3AD-BA89B3EF853A” ’ A creatable COM class must have a Public Sub New() ’ with no parameters, otherwise, the class will not be ’ registered in the COM registry and cannot be created ’ via CreateObject. Public Sub New() MyBase.New() End Sub If you are building it in VS then you can add a COM Class to your project and it will invoke this code for you. /Bruno