Cannot access RTC, without IP Address.

Hello Everybody,

I have installed RTC client on a user machine. When I am trying to enter the server address like “TECH001:7046/DynamicsNAV” I get an below error.

"****A server was not found at “net.tcp://TECH001:7046/DynamicsNAV/Service”. Either the URL is incorrect or the server is currently not available."

But when I specify the IP address instead of TECH001 it gets connected.

Any suggestions where to look for the issue.

Thanks in advice.

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check the computer name and domain of the server try giving domain\computer name …

this could help you sometimes.


Hope you have done the standard tests for name resolution, like pinging the server with its name, connecting to the SQL server with its name, etc. It seems to be some kind of name resolution issue.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for your reply.

I tried giving DOMAIN\Machine Name but still same issue.

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Hi Chinmoy,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes the standard tests has been done, the machine can ping the server and other machine on the network with its name.

Only when trying to connect RTC with the machine name, it gives error.