Cannot Access Excel files from Server


I want to access the excel files from Navision CA/L Code.I ave to specify the excel path to access the file.I am getting the server path and i am then concatenating the server path with the file path.

For example if Server name is Server1 and file is in D:\Sample.xls Then i have given the path as

Path := ‘//Server1/D$/Sample.xls’

But it is not working

I can access the file from Local Machine but not from server.

Please Help…


just a thought - you are using system + hidden sharename D$ - maybe problem lays there?

D$ (and other shares of this type) needs special access rights…


Even using D: instead of Using D$ gives the same error. Any way of opening access file from server by specifying the path of the file.

PLease Help…

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What error? Be more specific… File not found or else?

a) Create a folder on the D: drive of server1, for example Samples
b) Share the folder, for example as Samples, and set permissions
c) Map the share in the local computer, for example as Y:

Then you can access the file with Y:\sample.xls

And note: Use backslash “”, not slash “/”.