Cancelled PO still shown on Item transactions


I’m trying to cancel inventory transactions for an item I used in a purchase order. The PO has several confirmations, but ultimately it ended with no lines. PO status is Cancelled, but item transactions still display the PO, and receipt status is On order. Any ideas about this?

dear fernando,

this should not show in item transaction if you have removed it from the Purchase Order.

but if this exist in your case then try to delete from purchline and purchlinehistory table.

this will help.

but before deleting from here i suggest you to check one more time regarding the transaction status might be there is some PO which is not cancel for this line so it is showing.

How did you cancel the PO?

Can’t guess the reasons behind this. If it’s one time occurrence and your intention is to correct this

You can go to Inventory trans table and delete(Alt+F9) the record and there wont be any issues.

Alternatively if it’s Ok for you, deleting the PO lines is also a good option if in case you are not bothered about having the history.

Hi Adam,

I clicked “Cancel” button on the Maintain group of Purchase order tab. I’ve already tried finalizing the order too, but still have no results.

Hi Husain,

I will try to delete the records from the tables, but I hope that won’t be necessary. I’m going to keep looking for any transactions that I might be missing, and try the tables as the last resort.

Hi Santosh

I’ve already deleted the lines, but even though these are not shown on the PO, they do appear on the purchline table.