Cancellation of Posted Sales Invoice which was posted wrong.

Dear All,
User has posting Sales Invoice which was wrong. Now what is the treatment ?.
Here is scenario:
Entry Booked & Posted in AX

User punched Sales Order of “Energy Saving Bulb 5 Watt” item from customer “Light and Design” with following detail.

Order Quantity = 100 pcs
Unit Price = 500 Rs.
Total Amount = 50000 Rs
Tax Component (Excise)
EX_BED Amount = 5000 Rs. (@10 % of 50000)
EX_CESS Amount = 100 Rs. (@ 2% of 5000)
EX_ECESS Amount = 50 Rs. (@ 1% of 5000)

Invoice Total = 55150 Rs.

After posting Invoice of this Sales Order, following finance voucher was generated:

Ledger Account Debit Amount Credit Amount
Sales Account 50000
Excise Duty Payable Account 5150
Sundry Debitor Account 55150

**After Posting this Sales Invoice, it was found that user had selected wrong Customer Account. This sales order was of “Litware Inc.” instead of “**Light and Design.

Now what we want is;

  1. Cancellation of this Sales Invoice (sort of reversal)

  2. Inventory of my warehouse should also increase by 100 pcs.

  3. Following finance impact.

Ledger Account Debit Amount Credit Amount
Sales Account 50000
Excise Duty Payable Account 5150
Sundry Debitor Account 55150

this will help us a lot

Post the sales invoice with negative Deliver Now quantity…

You can directly post the credit note from the sales invoice.

That will update Accounts, inventory and will update the excise registers.


we need automatic reversing of same invoice dont want to create one more document friend…

You cannot “reverse” an invoice, it is against most legal audit tracking requirements for obvious reasons. Once invoiced you create a credit note. It is that simple.

That feature is probably only available in tally software where you can delete the transactions.[:)]

In AX, you either you have to use credit note or return order.

As Adam said, reversing a document is against the accounting standard. One has to post the correction entry in case any entry is posted wrong.


Dear All,

Whatever process we use for correctness of this wrongly posted Invoice (like Credit Note, Sales Return Order, -ve Quantity on Sales Order), system uses “Recoverable Account” of Tax Component to post Excise Amount. Whereas Excise should be posted to “Payable Account”. Because is not actual goods return. We are doing a sort of “un-do” Invoice because of wrong posting due to user mistake. If it is actual goods return, then only Excise should posted to “Recoverable Account” (as per Indian Excise rule).

Then look at your Indian localisation for the Indian localisation rules and postings.

What I would say is you want to “undo” the positings, so add a negative line mirroring the first, then manually journal any other differences across as per local legal rules. If this is NOT in the Indian localisation it is not part of the Excise rule and you need to talk to an Indian partner to meet your needs. It may help if you had actually asked this question and the start, a generic question gets a generic answer.