Canceled Sales Orders


If i create a sales order, and day later my customer calls back and wants to cancel it, how can sales order status change from Open to Canceled? Or do you just delete the sales order? :confused: thats not an option btw.


yep, just delete it

You could also consider archiving it.

Actually - Correct answer is:

Under Functions - click Deliver Remainder - select Cancel Quantity.

Status order will change from Open to Canceled. Deliver Remainder will be 0, but Quantity wont change - which is good.

ta daa :slight_smile:

What you are describing looks like a customization, or perhaps part of a localization that I am not familiar with. Standard NAV does not have a “canceled” status.

I think it is related to AX…

that would make sense wouldn’t it [:)]

Bee, can you verify that you are working with AX and not NAV?

Yep, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009


Ah alrighty then, I have moved this to the AX forum. You can disregard Matt’s and my answers please [:)]