Canceled Sales Line Revived Still Not On Order


We have a few sales orders that were incorrectly canceled. The lines were all canceled. We went through and set the deliver remainders all back to the original quantities, effectively reviving the sales lines.

However, they will not show up in the inventory transactions as On Order. When trying to kick off our picking process which uses the SalesFormLetter framework, it errors saying “insufficient inventory transactions with status on order” etc.

DAX 4.0.

Any guidance is appreciated!


What is the status of the inventory transaction?

Post that order once again and then try. Believe it should be ok.

Unfortunately, I was unaware of a customization in place where canceling the line the inventory transaction and markupTrans are totally deleted.

Even resetting the delivery remainder back to a positive quantity, the original transaction was lost so it will not show on order.

I resolved with a job to cancel the lines and generate new ones afresh, which created the necessary records.