Cancel oustanding quantity on Warehouse Shipment

here’s the basic scenario (NAV 2009 R2 Classic Client, we are heavily customized but I think this code is pretty much base NAV):

Sales Order is created. Warehouse Shipment is created, Source Document is set to the Sales Order.

A Pick is created - Because Quantity on Hand is 2, the Pick is for 2 items. Register the Pick, Post and Print.

Warehouse Shipment has 2 shipped, one outstanding (item back ordered for 1 because only 2 on-hand).

We need to cancel the outstanding quantity on the Warehouse Shipment and also the Sales Order (source document for the Warehouse Shipment). Is this possible?

Have you tried deleting:

  • Posted warehouse shipment

  • Registered pick

  • Pick document

  • Warehouse shipment.

and then undoing the shipment? so then qty on the SO could be corrected!

Don’ t Ever - Every Delete such file… you could ruin your database and impact on disaster on assessment

Why you want to cancel it?

if you already post it, i suggest to continue proceed process the rest of outstanding quantity if in 1 Item. except you want to cancel outstanding in not-posted line or different line.

Yea I don’t understand the deleting posted information to resolve this.

The quantity should not have been, should have been 2 so that’s why we want to cancel the outstanding item. Should have never gotten this far without knowing that…but that’s purchasing for you :slight_smile:

Here’s how I was figuring we’d have to proceed:

  1. Re-order inventory to back ordered item

  2. Receive new inventory

  3. Fullfill the Warehouse Shipment by creating another pick for the outstanding quantity

  4. We’re non-profit, so the fund would be charged for this item. That charge would have to be reversed

  5. Use item journal to get the quantity 1 back to on-hand

I just can’t believe there’s not an easy way to do this lol!

I got the low-down from a buddy (AWESOME NAV guru) - here’s how to handle this situation:

Warehouse Shipment back to Open

Delete the Warehouse Shipment line w/ the outstanding quantity

Delete the Warehouse Shipment

Sales Order (source document for the Warehouse Shipment)- back to Open

Change Quantity to 2 (quantity we shipped)

Administration - Data Deletion - Sales Documents - Delete Invoiced Sales Orders

Then an accountant must reverse the commitment for the item that was ordered but will not be fulfilled.