Cancel or void a debtor receipt payment

Does anyone know how to cancel a Debtor receipt or payment entry once it has been posted. Typical situation - Receive a cheque (check) from a Customer (Debtor) and process the payment through the normal cash receipts journal. The cheque is deposited with the bank but is returned - insufficient funds. At this stage the Customer account in Navision has been credited with the value of the cheque and the related invoices marked as paid. How does Navision handle this ? a void payment type function ? Using Navision version 2.60E

Hi Peter, You can post the reversal of the payment entry and create a fresh debit for this customer through the journals . This entry will again be open and can be applied to when the customer gives you the fresh mode of payment. Rohith Kamath Senior Consultant The Naviworld Group

Hi Rohith Yes that addresses the Debtor balance but it does not address three more important problems - 1. The original payment was allocated to a number of invoices so the record of how a particular invoice was paid are now wrong / useless. 2. The new ‘dummy’ debit (invoice) appears in the sales records but is not a sale. 3. The other side of the rejected payment is still showing in the Bank transactions so now the bank is out of balance.

Hi Peter, The solution is not posting a dummy ‘sale invoice’. Instead you are only reversing the ‘payment received entry’ which you had posted. In other words you would have debited bank and credited the customer when he made you the payment. Now you credit the bank and debit the customer. Hence you will not have an additional sale but only a reversal of the earlier payment entry. Your bank balance will be ok because a debit has been correspondigly credited in the rectification entry. To view the application entries for the original sale, you can go to the record and see the ‘applied entries’ to keep track. Rohith Kamath Senior Consultant The Naviworld Group

At the risk of being self-serving: One of the Mod-of-the-Month enhancements offered to paid Mod-of-the-Month members at is a mod to allow one to “unapply” credits or payments. Once you unapply the problem credits, I think the rest of the cleanup should be easy. It has only been tested with the US version, but if there were sufficient demand (for $), we would create a World version. Please let me know if you think this posting was inappropriate advertising. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

David, If your solution solves the problem which it most definitely sounds like it does then that sounds to me like a quite valid use for this forum. You are highlighting a potential fix for the problem. However if the advertising is broad a la Lasernet elsewhere in this forum then I think that is an abuse. Good luck to you David.