Cancel or Reverse a Purchase Return Order??

Hello, I’m running Dynamics NAV 6.0 SPI.

Is there no way possible to reverse or cancel a Purchase Return Order?

I created a return and posted it so the material was shipped(in the system). Turns out I did not need that quantity returned, only a portion. If I try to delete the PRO it will not allow me since it has been shipped and the quantity has not yet been invoiced (Return Qty. Shipped Not Invd.)

I need to get rid of this Return. The material does not need to be in our inventory since it was just samples. My concern is on the accoutning side. Since I have posted this PRO, accounts payable will deduct this amount form the check ti be paid.

Anyone have any options on how to avoid the conflict with AP? This happen fairly often so would appreciate any help


did you check Posted Return Shipments–>functions–>Undo Return shipment?

Thanks alot. Slipped my mind that there are undos in the posted documents!

Got rid of the Purchase Return Order