Cancel function or something similar

Hi, I do not want to physically delete record in certain tables when user uses the delete function. I just want to update some fields. How can I do that on the OnDelete trigger of the table? Which function or procedure can I use? Matej Edited by - adacta on 12/8/00 3:08:32 PM Edited by - adacta on 12/8/00 3:09:20 PM

in the OnDeleteRecord trigger in the form you can write … exit(false) … You have to do this in every form that have permission to delete records in your table. At the time I don’t know the way to make this in the onDelete trigger in the table. Const.

If you want to do this at form level, you have a form property called DeleteAllowed, which you can set to “no”. On table level you could insert an ERROR statement before the end of the trigger, this should do the trick. Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S

ERROR is not good, because I want to keep changes made by OnDelete trigger. Thank you anyway. I guess I will have to do this on the form level. Matej

Then just make a COMMIT before the ERROR :slight_smile: Yes, I know it’s dirty!! /Lars