Cancel an Order

Hi all,

What is the best way to cancel an order in Nav? Or what are suggestions that you have if customisations should be done?


Simply delete it. The only time that won’t work is when the order is partially posted. In that case you’re going to have to set the quantities in such a way that there are no remaining quantities, and then you delete the order.

Hi Taty,

There is no Order Cancellation Functionality in Navision.

but in many cases it requires for some orders.

If you do not want to see such Orders in Navision PO/SO form you have to do some customization.

What do you feel is the difference between cancel an order and delete an order?

Perhaps to record the original order and information about reasons for cancellation?


Perhaps, but isn’t the Sales Order Archive exactly doing this already ?

Is the Archiving automatic when you delete an order or does the user have to Print & Archive?

Some Customer Service operations want to know why the order was cancelled (checking on the customer, the sales person, delivery performance…)


You are making up functionality into someone else’s question though. It’s a valid scenario, but there was nothing in the OP’s question about archiving orders for reference by CSR’s.

Archiving is not automatic by the way, you would have to add that functionality. I’ve worked on projects that added an automatic archive when the order was released and right before it was deleted by the posting routine. You’d also have to create forms/pages to access the archived orders, because standard NAV only provides access from active orders (but does not delete the archived orders when the order itself is deleted).

I’m not making up functionality I am sharing information about when I have been asked for order cancellation functions.

I know archiving is not automatic because I have implemented that across all of our Navision sites. And by the way the forms/pages to view Archived Orders already exist exist (5158…5169).

One of the perceived problem in this area is that the system does not record changes to orders done by design or in error.



There is no direct way to “cancel” an order.
There are ways to utilize the sales order archive to make this possible but this needs some customization to include the reason for cancelling the order and some modifications to automatically archive the sales order.

Yes I know that, there’s just no access to those forms other than from an open order, which is irrelevant when the order is deleted. So you would have to add access to those forms if you want to provide access to archived orders beyond active orders.

To me it looks like the archiving functionality was started but never finished, it’s just not complete.

Thanks all for your suggestions.

Here are my scenario:

I usually works with WMS locations where i pick and shipped , I also use Lot tracking.

I need to be able to cancel a sales order during the following situations:

  • A pciking is underway but not yet close

  • A picking has been registered but no shipment has been done

  • A picking and sshipping have been done ( both partially - same quantities)

  • A partial shipping and invoicing have been done.

So I need some suggestions on how I can customise the system to handle cancellations related to above situations.