Canadian Payroll 2.60.B

I am having trouble with Canadian Payroll. I am testing Navision Calculation against Tables on Diskette calculations, July 1/00 version. I can get the deductions for CPP and EI to match exactly, but taxes are always about $15 to $18 higher. In other words, Navision calculated taxes are always more than ToD. I have made no real changes to the Navision setup, and am confident I have the latest tax objects installed. I did notice that there is no reference in control BFT to line 3 of the base amount, which is EI. When I include the line “Credit Base Amount % L3” to BFT, and change EI to a withholding, I mess up the EI deduction, and reduce Tax slightly. What am I missing?? ------------------------------- Moved from “NF-Technical Forum” Edited by - rmotzer on 2001 Jun 14 00:39:34