Canadian Excise Tax

Hi Does anyone have any experience in seting up Canadian Excise Tax in Navision. Is there any reason why I can’t just treat it as any other sales Tax? Regards, Derek

Derek, That depends on what you are taxing. Some excise duties are based on qty of the unit of measure, (ie 10 cents per litre, while others are percentage based (ie jewellery – 10% of the amount by which the sale price or duty paid value exceeds $50). Automobils are even more difficult. What is your product, then I can suggest the way to calulate tax? -john

Hi John it is jewellery, I believe that the prices need to be shown as excise tak inclusive? Derek

Lucky! Jewellery can be done with Navision Taxes. Just set up another Tax, called EXCISE for 10%. Note that there is a case for some type of watches where you need to charge a min. of $50, which may mean you need to have a second tax, but I doubt that will be your problem!

Oops. Forget to include this: This can help with the technical specs for setting up the tax.

Hi John Thnaks for the help Derek