Can you use Table Relation to .........

We have added the Production Order No. to the Time Journal Line. When the field was added the table relation property for the field was set as: “Production Order”.No. WHERE (Status=CONST(Released)) This ensured that time was only booked against released work orders. As time entry is done on a weekly basis, we are now finding this validation to be a constraint. Once a production order is finished the record is deleted from the production order table and inserted in the Finished order table. Is it possible to put an ‘OR’ relationship in the table relation property, so we can specify it must be ‘Released’ in the Production Order table OR must exist in the Released Order No. field on the Finished order table? If I cannot have an ‘OR’ relationship do you have any other suggestions; or is this something that will have to be coded. Thank you

Yes, you can construct a table relation depending on conditions. Take, for an example, a look at the Table Relation property of the field Account No. in table 81 General Journal Line. The relation is switched between Customer, Vendor or G/L Account, depending on the value in Account Type. John

John’s solution is the easiest as it doesn’t need any coding. The only issue would be the person entering the time would be required to know if the Order had been finished or was still open. Another solution would be to create your own Validate/Lookup routines to check both tables for the Order #. Although this would be seemless to the user, it would require a bit of programming time. Chris.

Sorry Shiena The only solution is to do coding as in the second sugestion by chris. Anything that a data entry person is required to know, will slow them down. If your users are anything like our clients they just want to get the job done and will find a way round the system. Don’t make any input task more difficult than it has to be or you will regret it. Paul Baxter