Can You Run AX Reports somwhow Thru the .net bussiness Connector

Good Morning

I have seen some post saying you can’t use the UI (Report,forms) from The .Net bussiness Connector.

Is This so? or is there aa work arround.

If there is a solution some sample code would be great.

I am thinking about activating a job from the Bussines connector (which seems to work, to run the report) rather than

CallStaticClassMethod which is causing a problem.

The report auto print but no data comes out.

the CallJob method works , but I struggle to build a C# conatiner for the Args Parameter.

Any help or suggestions appreciated



Hi all

Still no replies to this.

badly worded question really.

lets try again!!

I want to print some labels (standard AX report)from AX via a C# program using the .net business connector.

I’ve writtern the AX report and a AX class that activates it.

It work fine when I run from inside AX (no paramters needed , no datasource needed) just a few lines of text.

as soon as I call the calls from the bussiness connector, the report prints but is blank.

any idea’s?



you said no datasource needed so…it should print the report…

can you just post the BC code…