Can you post a Purc.Inv as being paid without generating GL entries?

Hi, new user to Navision.

Main issue is that we want to use the Purchase Ledger in Navision - to load invoices and so we can track when they are due. However, we also want to use our Treasury system to generate a month end journal - this will contain everything through the bank statement including the payment of suppliers. Our concern is that to clear a purchase invoice in Navision, we have to generate a payment journal that duplicates the treasury journal.

Is there a way to clear the invoices in Navision that have been paid, but without generating a corresponding bank and operating suppliers journal entry?

Or, do we have to either not use the PL feature, or manually adjust the treasury journal? Both we would rather avoid, and I would think this cannot be an uncommon issue ?

Cheers for any help.

Welcome to DUG!!!

As per standard system we need to generate Payment to clear the open invoices in system.

Now you say Treasury system generate the payment through bank statement and this is separate system which record the payments to supplier .

Question here is why you maintaining separate system for payments? Why not using Navision Payment journal which got the awesome features than you can create on account payment ,You can applied the open invoices against payment to be make to supplier

Any system (not only Navision ) can not clear the open invoices without the payment entry in system .You can not bypass these point or else you financial accounts will be vulnerable.

Just integrate Treasury system to Navision .Generate text file and upload in Payment journal and post it which will give you the exact picture of financial in both the system.