Can you install multiple (different) Navision license files on SQL server


I have two databases installed on my SQL 2005 server. One is our NAV 5.0 production database, the other is our legacy Navision 3.10 database, in read only mode. I’m having a problem with Navision’s licensing.

My 5.0 license is different than the 3.10 license. When we upgraded, we relocated some of Lanham’s security tables to a new object range in the new license. (not sure why?) Now, when I access this range in 3.10 I get permission errors.

If I load my 3.10 license every thing works fine but then 5.0 has issues. This leads me to believe you can have only one Navision license per SQL server? Is this true? If so, any ideas on how to get around this without getting a new license file? Can you install database specific license files on SQL server?

Thanks for the help,


Hi Doug,

The license is stored in the master database of the instance so is shared between databases in that instance. You can have two instances and this would allow you to store the two licenses.

Another option is to store the mostly used license (I assume the version 5.0) and then use the license change option to access the version 3.10

You can also purchase the License per Database granule.

Hi Doug!

You can set it different license per database here: File->Database->Alter->Integration->Save license in database.


This sounds like the ticket! except the option is not available in the 3.10 version [:(]

You can store 3.10 license in master database and 5.0 license in Nav 5 database.

The license search path is:

  1. Temporary Changed on License Information form
  2. Current Nav database
  3. Master database
  4. fin.flf in Nav Client folder
  5. Cronus.flf in Nav Client folder

Saving the license in the database is only available if you have purchased that granule.

looks like I have two options:

  1. Add the object range to my 5.0 license so that one license can be used for both versions.
  2. Purchase the License per Database granule and Use “Save License in database” to store the 5.0 license and store the 3.10 license in the master database.

I’ll work with my solution center and hopefully we can work out #1.

Thanks everyone for your input. I’ll let you know how it goes.