Can we use Navision Backend for Custom Software

Dear All-

I am just a Begineer and have little or no knoledge of Navision … I have a question regarding Backend ( SQL Database stucrure of Navison ).

Can I Use only Navision SQL Database Structure to develop custome software in VB .net or any front end ?. if yes is there any legal issue or technocal issue … Do we need license according to number of users also …My Idea is to buy 5 users License and develop front end oursevles for unlimted users …Please suggest will this be possible Technically and Legally … Please note I dont want to do anything which is Illegal againt MS Terms and Conditions.

Please suggest


I know of it being used as a database only with a complete bespoke front end, the consideration is you have to buy the number of users accessing the system, the front end is not relevant, it is the database access, but feel free to confirm this with Microsoft.

You could be encountering a major problem if you try to push data in a table where there are code that will be automatically triggered when using the NAV clients.

Try inserting a sales line (From VB.NET) on a sales order in a test database(Item No, quantity, unit price …), and you will cleary understand what I mean, which is that the record will not be consistent (ie: the amount will not be calculated automatically among others things …)