can we update a table from the report


i want to create a table and i want to fill the table from the result of the report can i do that in navision


Have you created the appropriate keys for the table?

In the OnAfterGetRecord trigger of the source data item:

Assign the fields in the new table.


Rec.Field1 := NewValue;

Rec.Field2 := NewValue;


Thank u jsrark to say u frankly i dont have any idea on this but i have a require ment can u plz tell me in detail abt this process

or plz tell me if there is any material abt this prcs

Thank u very much

There is no atutomatic process to take the output from a report and store it in another table.

Are you an end-user or a technical guy?

You have not described what information is in the report or why you wish to save that infromation?

It’s really not possible to help you remotely so I recommend that you contact a local Navision developer who can either write the report for you or can show you how to write a report.

If you must do this yourself then there is no better option than to look at how some of the existing reports in the database and also look for some of the recommened books from this site.

actually iam a functional consultant for finance but due to some prblms in my company i should do this so basically i have idea abt reports and code .

so my doubt is u said assign the keys is there any condition to assign the keys.

and how to start the process

just tell me these points i will manage remaining things

Keys are the sorting of the table, so determine which is the best for your needs.

The Primary Key must be unique, but secondary keys always have the primary key as suffix so they look as if they may non-unique.

Which report ar you thinking of changing?