Can we setup different decimal for different legal entity

we want to use different currency in different company . Like company A use three decimal (0.000) and company B two decimal (0.00)

Is it possible in ax 2012 ?

Are you asking about showing the number of decimals in the forms? If not please provide more details.

Ye kranti,

Number of decimal in Form … Also in all application

for Example : - One company should have two decimal for all amount and another should have three decimal for all amount

It cannot be done with the setup. It is possible with the customization. By that you can decide to show the number of decimals on the user interface, but you cannot the way it stores in the tables, as it will be a single data base field. You may also have to handle the proper rounding if you are going to make any changes.
I haven’t seen such a requirement though.

By customization it will be very complicated as we have to take care all rounding off and currency conversion scenarios… For example Oman has three decimal and INR has two then the penny difference will also make a huge change

Through setup you control the rounding but not the number of decimals displayed.