Can we restrict future dated postings?

How to restrict the future date postings? Postings may be JVs or Purchase entries or sales entries. Is there any provision like this.

Give me solution for this event.

Thanks and regards.


In the General ledger setup, you can define a daterange. You can limit it to the current day or the last day in the week.

…and don’t forget the User Setup where ranges also may be set up.

Thanks for your advise. But, in this case i am supposed to change the date for every day. It is very difficult. Other than this any chance?



Thanks for your advise. But, in this case for that user all the activities will be blocked starting from login onwrds and it is only available in Sql database only.

Other than these two setups any other setup is there?



i’m affraid no,

in general ledger setup you can specify it globally, or per user on the user setup

You have 3 option.

Every day manually change posting date in user setup. This is standard way and don’t involves any customization

Build a report and put in scheduler to every night change posting dates.

Customize checking posting routines to only allow posting in current day.