Can we provide login credentials form for Dynamics AX

Hi All,

I have a small doubt…

is Axapta is windows authantication?

if not how give login cradantials in axapta?

Once you log in to your windows, you can log in to AX already.

Hi Heylin,

Thanks for replay.

can i create axapta login(what my idea is when i open ax it ask the username & password)?


You have not mentioned version of AX. But since version 4.0, Active directory service has been hard wired into Dynamics AX security. Meaning AX users must first defined in AD.

BTW why do you want to create AX login?

Hi Harish,

Thanks for giving replay.we are using ax2009

one of my client has asked .is it possible or not?


It is not possible with AX rich client.

But it is possible with AX enterprise portal for which customisation is required.


They are using Production module.