Can we have Preset the run time like output qty in production journal?

Is there any setup to preset the run time like output quantity of production order? While open the production journal or output journal, system should automatically update run time based on the production order line and routing information. Kindly let me know if there any standard setup are there to enable this presettings.

Thank You,


may be you need to modify Explode routing function to get run Time…

Hi Jithin,

You can use Backward or Forward flushing method on the Work Center. This will automatically post the standard Routing labor time. However, the information doesn’t automatically populate on the Output Journal or Production Journal. The system doesn’t populate the Routing Step for the flushed Work Center but posts the standard time based on the expected output quantity.

To populate the journal with the standard Routing time would be a very small modification that a partner could add to the NAV system.

I hope the information helps.