Can we create Batch number in PO or SO

Dear all expert

Can we create batch number in PO or SO?

why not?

Yes - Right Mouse and go to main table and create a new one.

i don’t really understand at all, can u please explain more detail? Where can i click the right mouse and where is the main table. I’m using Navision SP1 2009.

Please instruct.

Anyway, can i reverse a posted purchase credit memo? if can’t, do you have any other idea of doing this?

On the batch number field on the sales or purchase line you would right mouse click.

Reverse a posted purchase credit by processing a purchase invoice. There is no “undo/reverse” button once posting due to the controls in place during processing.

Hi Lunna,

You have posted this into an AX forum which is causing the confusion. Can you explain what you mean by “Create a Batch”? You can of course create Lot no.s and serial no. when receipting and despatching.

This was originally in the AX forum Dave? I am not going mad am I? [:D]

Yip (it was in an AX forum and you are not going mad as far I can tell [;)] ) - I have moved it into a Nav forum

Hi Lunna,

The answers you got for your original question were just as good as the question you asked! You didn’t really provide any information in your question, so you didn’t really get any information in the answer!

In order to get usable answers, then you need to ask questions so that those reading your question understand your problem. You need to give enough details.

And in terms of your question regarding batch numbers, then I really don’t understand your question. What does batch numbers has do do with PO or SO’s? But without know more, then I would start looking in the direction of Item Tracking.

As to your other question. There is no standard function to do a reverse of a posted purchase credit memo.