Can we check Navision 2013 R3 SQL server performance using external SQL Query

Hello everyone,

I am using Navision 2013 R2 with SQL server 2014 as Backupend.

Can we check SQL server performance using the sql query from the link (

can anyone give idea?


Hi Jesu,
Sure you can use Brent on the NAV database. But I would never allow it to implement ANY of the suggested index updates etc. Only to tell you about potential issues.

The NAV database is different in the way that it is designed entirely from the NAV development environment. So if you start making changes to the SQL (without knowing 100% what you do), then you can very easily end up making things even worse.

Thanks Erik

Totally agree with Erik. NAV is an application written way before SQL was used as the back-end database!
There are SQL tools created by NAV ‘experts’ - the following is a well know contact of mine and others on this forum I’m sure.

And don’t forget to mention our own [mention:e0730ca59f9d4cf7993a3a4833ac5c8e:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] ([mention:f6625fd4835f424db67d3e978550fddc:ca0e7c8086864d2fa5a863b9e212e922] ). He has also published a book and NAV and SQL optimization.

Hi jesu

The performance of your NAV Server cannot be solely analyzed from a SQL Server perspective.
Have a low at my recent post re: builtin windows tools available to anyone for an overall nav server performance:

Of course it cannot [mention:764cec4231aa4aae9f86d9024efd2e15:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]. But that’s really a completely different question. [:)]

That is true. The question was if using BrentOzard package was a solution in fixing or investigating NAV issues. And as you correctly remarked that messing with indexes when working with NAV is not the way to go, I thought of steering Jesu towards an alternate path. Just as you suggested Mr. Stryk page and book :slight_smile: