Can we assign Project to individual sales line?


We use AX2009.

We want to create sales orders, but different sales line belongs to different project.

For example:

Sales Line 1, Project A

Sales Line 2, Project B

Is it possible?

yes,I believe its possible,but it depends on how you link it with thru proj ID!!

But on the sales line, the field Project is non-editable. How can we assign a project to a sales line?

Hi Kenl,

well Am not an expert on comment that. But according to me you will have to customize it based on the requirement…

But am sure you can do it coz i have seen this before. I will share if i get any !




By default project Id in SalesLine table will inherit project Id in the sales order header (SalesTable).

If you want to change this behaviour, then this would require customisation. If you choose to go down this route, you might want to consider end to end processes i.e. from sales order creation till posting invoice.

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I believe this “customization” will be a complicate one. Sales order creation, Sales invoice process (break down the sales invoice amount by line to allocate to different projects)

Then I would consider to use dimension “Purpose” instead of implement the “Project” module.

As suggested by Kenl, The third dimension Purpose can be used for Project reference instead of customizing the module.

The first thing here would be the sales orders will be created from project…

That means for different projects you cannot have single sales order.

I hope Accounting is done project wise - why do you want to combine different projects - are they sub projects of one project?


They are different projects.

In our case each item is a project.

In each sales order, we sell multiple items to customer. That’s why we want project by sales line.

Users want to analysis the P&L by each project/item.

Approach 1:

Use Project as “Costing project” - to record all expense and cost only. However in this approach “Project” cannot be used in sales and invoicing.

Approach 2:

Simply use dimension “Purpose” - Assign “Purpose” to item master - so we can analysis all item related transaction (item consumption/purchase order/sales order).

Then book expense in general ledger with dimension “Purpose”

The second approach seem more fit for user requirement, and no need to implement Project Module.

Any better idea?

If you use the marking functionality, sales line 1 wiill be marked and reserved to project A, sales line 2 to project B.